The Kentucky Duckmen

Ryan "The Dew Man"  & Shelton  & Terry "The Duckman or the Ole Man as they call me  & Billy "Quick Draw"

Ducks & geese aren't hard to hit.....Their just easy to miss

Between the three of us we have over 30+ years of hunting waterfowl,You never know where & when you will see us,Were always on the look out for birds,We have been known to pack up on a minute's or day's notice and head out, be it local,in or out of state to pursue our passion.It's in our blood and we live it 24/7.

We would like to give our Wive's a big word of THANKS as they also put up with our Passion 24/7, The early morning and late night phone calls,Packing up and heading out at all hours of the day & night, Thus becoming our WATERFOWL WIDOWS.

A little bit about us Waterfowlers

Duck hunting has been popular for centuries and is considered a very exciting and rewarding hunt. The avid hunter will spend weeks preparing for the upcoming season. Between training dogs, checking gear, purchasing new equipment, and practicing on the duck & goose calls,

Waterfowling becomes a PASSION, not just a seasonal hobby.

The duck hunter who enjoys waterfowling spends his time and money on a shotguns,shells camouflage clothing, calls,decoys,boats and blinds and more.

But the hunter who devotes his life to the sport spends his off-season in preparation for his next chance at the hunt.
The avid duck hunter will invest in a duck boat, decoys, dogs, and blinds, and even when he's not actively preparing for next season, he's thinking about it 24/7

How true this is


My partner and companion for 15 great years

May she rest in peace in that great Duck Blind in the sky, Were the sky is always full and the days never end amen

If you have never seen the site of a sunrise coming up while over looking a marsh,lake pond or field,You don't know what your missing.It's a site to behold that mother nature has given us to enjoy.

It was that time of year again when the duckmen packed up and headed west to start chasing the SNOW STORM, It's Snow goose Conservation time again starting the first of Feb.,We headed out to Arkansas. With this YOYO Weather were having it has the birds scattterd but our hope's are high to catch some in the area were heading too.

As we were travling down the highway we saw a feed field taking shape there were already snows there but there was more on the way the sky was full and they were pouring in. then we noticed more cars stopping behind us we've seen this many times before but it's always a site to see. check out the vid below

Locked up and coming in Locked up feet down and coming in Feeding Field

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